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Call Us 01264 364113


Highly Secure

Computer controlled token access with CCTV and Alarms.


Undercover Storage

Our units are all undercover, so when you're loading or unloading, you're not getting wet!

luton van

Drive Up

All of our units allow you to drive your vehicle right up close. No more lugging items in and out of the storage building!

Check out our Great Value prices below!


Great for a 6-8 Bedroom House

40ft x 8ft x 8ft
Imperial - 320 sq ft, 2560 cu ft
Metric -29.6 sq m, 72.4 cu m

£200 per month

(Excluding VAT)
Enquire now...


Great for a 3-4 Bedroom House

20ft x 8ft x 8ft
Imperial - 160 sq ft, 1280 cu ft
Metric -14.8 sq m, 36.2 cu m

£140 per month

(Excluding VAT)
Enquire now...


Great for a 1-2 Bedroom House

15ft x 8ft x 8ft
Imperial - 120 sq ft, 961.5 cu ft
Metric - 11.4 sq m, 27.15 cu m

£120 per month

(Excluding VAT)
Enquire now...


Great for a 1-2 Bedroom House

10ft x 8ft x 8ft
Imperial - 80 sq ft, 640 cu ft
Metric -7.43 sq m, 18.1 cu m

£100 per month

(Excluding VAT)
Enquire now...


Great for a 1 Bedroom Flat or General Storage

5ft x 8ft x 8ft
Imperial - 40 sq ft, 320 cu ft
Metric -9.06 sq m, 9.06 cu m

£60 per month

(Excluding VAT)
Enquire now...


Great for Documents, Wine & Small Items

3ft x 3ft x 3ft
Imperial - 9 sq ft, 26 cu ft
Metric - .8 sq m, .76 cu m

£16 per month

(Excluding VAT)
Enquire now...

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Hear It From Our Customers

  • Richard

    Having used Andover Storage in their early days for a boat, I've been impressed with the flexibility of their services. From time to time I need additional storage and their monthly plans are perfect for me, and are very competitively priced.
  • Aster Communities

    I’ve, been using Andover Storage facilities for a number of years now. Whenever I’ve had to access the unit I’ve had no problem. On the odd occasion I’ve embarrassingly locked myself out, the ‘rescue’ response each time has been immediate – I’ve not had to wait more than 10 minutes. I don’t deal directly with the finance side of things, but I understand things are dealt with effectively and efficiently.
  • David

    As a gallery and print publisher we store marketing materials that would all be endangered by any form of damp. Andover Storage is ideal for us, since the containers are sealed, are undercover and totally dry, and the premises always clean. So whatever the weather access is always easy, covered and there is space to drive in. Staff are always very helpful and the premises are very secure.
  • Elspeth

    I can highly recommend Andover Storage, which I have been using for the last eighteen months. It is easily accessible and allows vans to drive in, under cover,which helps with loading/unloading, and keeping dry. It is very secure and offers competitive prices. The staff are very helpful.
  • NoPicManWoman

    Steve & Dee

    We are extremely happy with the service we have received from Andover Storage, living abroad a 12 hour flight away, it is reassuring to know our personal possessions are so well protected and secure. The service and help we have received when we visit the UK, has been consistent, caring and genuine in their desire to please.

Our Business Hours

We are here to help you during the following business hours:


Normal Unit Access Times


Monday to Saturday:

7:30am to 7:30pm




Normal Office Opening Times


Monday to Friday:

9:00am to 5:00pm


Andover Storage

Flexible and secure storage units in a convenient, quiet location 5 minutes from Andover. All of our storage units are highly secure with computer controlled entry with drive-in, undercover access...

Andover Storage
Finkley Manor Farm
SP11 6AE

Telephone: 01264 364113
Fax: 01264 738623