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Simple and Clear Prices

All of our prices are quoted ex VAT with no hidden extras. Contact us to make an enquiry and we'll help you select the size of unit that you require. In some cases we can find storage units that might not be standard - give us a call!


per month
Excl. VAT
Great for a 6-8 Bedroom House
40ft x 8ft x 8ft
Imperial - 320 sq ft, 2560 cu ft
Metric -29.6 sq m, 72.4 cu m
per month
Excl. VAT
Great for a 3-4 Bedroom House
20ft x 8ft x 8ft
Imperial - 160 sq ft, 1280 cu ft
Metric -14.8 sq m, 36.2 cu m
per month
Excl. VAT
Great for a 2-3 Bedroom House
15ft x 8ft x 8ft
Imperial - 120 sq ft, 961.5 cu ft
Metric - 11.4 sq m, 27.15 cu m
per month
Excl. VAT
Great for a 1-2 Bedroom House
10ft x 8ft x 8ft
Imperial - 80 sq ft, 640 cu ft
Metric -7.43 sq m, 18.1 cu m
per month
Excl. VAT
Great for a 1 Bedroom Flat or General Storage
5ft x 8ft x 8ft
Imperial - 40 sq ft, 320 cu ft
Metric - 9.06 sq m, 9.06 cu m
per month
Excl. VAT
Great for Documents, Wine & Small Items
3ft x 3ft x 3ft
Imperial - 9 sq ft, 26 cu ft
Metric - .8 sq m, .76 cu m

Andover Storage

Flexible and secure storage units in a convenient, quiet location 5 minutes from Andover. All of our storage units are highly secure with computer controlled entry with drive-in, undercover access...

Andover Storage
Finkley Manor Farm
SP11 6AE

Telephone: 01264 364113
Fax: 01264 738623